General Match Info

When:             November 2-4, 2018
Where:            Universal Shooting Academy
Match Fee:     $165.00 (includes lunch on the day you shoot)
What:              USPSA Match. 8 Stages, 400 rounds

Squad Schedule: Squad Matrix Click Here

Check In: You MUST check in at the range after the staff shoot on Friday. OR the day you shoot at 0715

Virtual Match Brief: CLICK HERE

Staff:               Interested in working? Contact the MD.

General Stuffs:

The match runs over 3 days. Friday is Staff and Sponsor Day. Competitors will shoot the match in one day. Either all day Saturday or all day Sunday. Awards will follow the match on Sunday. We don’t do a prize table, it’s a trophy match. But there is always a cool prize for the top finisher in the main Divisions. (Open, Limited, Production)

We will also have cool T-shirts for sale, a couple cool raffles going on, and some adult beverages for after the match.

There is a costume contest for Staff, also for Competitors with some prizes. AND…..there is a 25 point match bonus if you shoot in costume. I am the decider if it is a costume or not. So don’t try the Ball cap and polo shirt saying you’re a golfer……give a legit effort and you’ll be fine. You must shoot in costume however.