What is The Monster Match?

Probably the best line I’ve had is “8 Stages, 400+ rounds….you do the math!”

“The” Monster Match was born in 2004, a match I had wanted to do for years. I shot a similar match in the late 90’s in the pacific northwest and always remembered how much fun it was. So together with my co-match director and friend Jim Schoonmaker as well as many other volunteers we brought it to life. It’s been off and on the last few years due to schedules and just life in general but it’s back in 2010 and hopefully will become an annual match which as always been my vision.

The general layout is pretty simple…..we go to matches to shoot, so lets shoot! Average stage count…50 rounds! So they will vary from in the 40’s to the 60’s. However I do not advocate a “squirt” fest (except for maybe one stage). I plan to have well thought out stages that just happen to be obnoxious round counts. The match will be USPSA ‘recognized’ meaning we will follow most of the USPSA rules including all safety rules…but may waiver on the round count rule.

This match WILL be talked about, you don’t want to miss it!!