One Week out

  • October 28, 2018 8:55 am

We are less than a week away. Turnout looking a little low but that’s understandable with the Nationals being here for a couple weeks. It was either cancel the match or go on with the show! I chose to go on with the show. So tell your friends to get signed up, it’s going to be a fun match with some prizes, raffles, food and lots of shooting!!

I will not be posting stages this year. Haven’t had time to draw them up with the current match going on. But I have some cool ideas. We will be working off some of the large courses from Nationals…adding a couple positions and about 20 targets!! Even combining some of their courses into one to make it Monstery. And of course something fun for the steel stage.

You can expect an update here about Wednesday with scheduling, squadding info, match book info, etc.

Don’t forget the costume contest!