Shooters Meeting

  • October 24, 2012 8:27 am

This will serve as your shooters meeting. After registration report to your assigned stage at your assigned shooting time. Thank you.

The Monster Match 2012
Shooters Meeting


Thank you for supporting The Monster Match 2012! This has always been a fun match and we expect this year to be the same. We understand this is your entertainment dollar and there are a lot of matches to choose from. We appreciate you putting The Monster Match on your list.


Universal Shooting Academy is a cold range and USPSA rules including safety rules are in effect. Please use the provided safety areas and tables for handling firearms. For any other safety issues contact the match director. I will have a first aid kit and a cell phone, 911 works and they know who and where we are.  As many of you know we have lots of critters on the range….leave them alone. Water will be provided, make sure you stay hydrated; it will be a long day even with the expected perfect weather.


Squad schedule is posted on the website. Please be at your assigned stage when it is time to shoot. There is obviously a lot of shooting at this match which means lots of reset. Please help out your squad in restoring the stage. There will not be a formal awards ceremony per se, we will award the division winners after shooting on Sunday. Plaques will be mailed out if you are not present.


Lunch will be catered on the range for a reasonable fee. Water will be provided free of charge on the range.


I would like to personally thank all the folks that make this match happen. My co-match director, range master, stats dudes, art director, stage designers, and all the folks that put it on the ground. I couldn’t do it without you…. Thanks!