• October 26, 2011 8:59 am


Since nobody goes to shooters meetings anymore myself included I don’t have one at The Monster Match. This will serve as your shooters meeting for Saturday and Sunday shooters this coming weekend.

RO’s – This match isn’t possible without the help of the RO’s and staff. Please thank them when you see them. They are out here busting their butts for your enjoyment.

Schedule – As this is your shooters meeting, please get registered in time and be at your assigned stage ready to shoot at 0800 on your shooting day. We have a ton of shooting and a ton of pasting/resetting to do. Please help out resetting the stages, that is part of your duty as a competitor. In order to stay on schedule everyone has to pitch in. Follow the directions of your RO’s and please don’t paste ahead of the scoring RO. Final, official squad list and schedule will be posted here on Friday.

Safety – USPSA rules including safety rules are in effect. Safe tables will be available for your use. Do not handle firearms or ‘gun up’ at your car please, that is a DQ’able action.

Costume Safety – I know some of the costumes are incorporating fake or toy firearms. That is fine but lets leave them in holster or slung or whatever. I don’t want to see firearms pointing around fake or not. If your costume is incorporating a real firearm that’s cool too but it will definitely stay in the holster. I will be the final authority on the cool / uncoolness of that stuff so ask me if you have a question.

Registration – Opens 0700 each day with shooting starting promptly at 0800. Please be there in time to get registered and ready to shoot so we can start on schedule. If everyone waits until 0745 then we obviously can’t get 100 people registered by 0800.

Awards – We will have a short and sweet awards ceremony Sunday after the match. I will be awarding the Division winners only. Class and category winners will have plaques mailed out within the week.

Raffle – Drawing will be Sunday after the award ceremony. Info on the raffle in next post.