Set Up Party Weekend

  • October 25, 2011 5:31 pm

If you haven’t put on a major match you have no idea how much work goes into it. These folks have been working on some of their stages for a week at their houses then bringing them out to the range this weekend for set up. Still a bunch to do but the bulk of the heavy lifting was complete.

Huge thank you to Brad and Dave Johnson, Kristen, Charles and EB Kibert, Dan and Terrisa Bernard, Jordan, Mark Schneider, Don ‘the paint man’ McIntyre, Joe Homolash, Russel Mann, John ‘the digger’ Norwood, Jay Corn, Dave Jenkins, Terry Jensen, Jim Schoonmaker, Bruce Rosenthal, Jim Lemanski, Andy ‘the Mustache’ Martinez.

I sent the call out for help and these folks donated their free time, expertise (or lack there of), and equipment. Then slaved all day, two days for some, in the FL sun surrounded by mosquitos for your enjoyment. If you see these folks on the range this weekend you should tell them thanks. They gave up time with family or the couch and a football game so you could have fun. There is no way this match could happen without the help of folks like these.

Stages are coming together great!! They are gonna be cool!