Details, details

  • October 26, 2010 7:30 am


Registration will be open at 7:30am Friday morning. Our plan is to be registered and geared up by 8:00am. We will have the RO brief at 8:00am and begin shooting immediately after. We will shoot 4 stages or until 12:30 then break for lunch. I will be ordering Pizza for lunch it will be available for $5 for paid shooters and will be free of charge for STAFF and RO’s. We will also have bottled water on the stages provided for everyone. Scores and shooter information will be posted at the end of the day you are responsible for checking your information and scores for any errors.


Registration opens at 7am both days as listed on the squad schedule. Please be there in time to get registered and be on the stage ready to shoot by 8am. Obviously that means you cannot show up to register at 7:54am. There is no shooter meeting as I think they are a waste of time. Shooters meeting is below. First stage walk through and brief will begin at 8am. We’ll shoot four stages then break for catered lunch around noon. They are doing BBQ, burgers, dogs and such for a reasonable price. Please support the vendors if you can. Thanks. This is a trophy match and we will be mailing out the trophies so there will not be an official awards ceremony. If the division winners are present on Sunday after the match we will do their presentations as I do have a little somethin somethin for them. Due to the one day schedule however that will keep Friday or Saturday shooters from having to come back. We will post winners on the website and promptly mail out plaques. Shooter information and scores will be posted after each day of shooting, you are responsible for checking your information for errors.


One of the cool things about running a match is you can run it how you see fit. I think shooters meetings are a waste of time so we won’t be doing an official one. This will serve as your shooters meeting.

Welcome to The Monster Match 2010. We have eight stages of awesomeness for your shooting pleasure. This is a USPSA Recognized match and all USPSA safety rules are in effect. We will be using the January 2008 rule book with approved amendments through July 2010. This is a cold range and safe tables are provided for your use. There should be no handling of firearms other than at a safe table or under the supervision of a Monster Match RO. Please be courteous to your fellow shooters by helping to tape and reset the stage. More importantly, ensure the target has been scored prior to taping it. Any re-shoots at this match are particularly costly in terms of time and ammo. Also please be courteous to your RO’s and thank them for their service. It is folks like this that make the sport possible for us to enjoy. There are procedures in place for the shooter should you disagree with a call made by the RO. If you have any problems ask for the Range Master or Match Director.

Perhaps most importantly, thank you for supporting The Monster Match. As I said we couldn’t have a match without the RO’s, we certainly couldn’t have a match without YOU the customer either. Thank you for coming and I hope you enjoy the event we have built for you. If you have any questions, comments, problems please bring them to my attention and I will take care of it. Have a safe and fun Monster Match. – Shannon

Match Director – Shannon Smith

Range Master – Jim Schoonmaker