• October 4, 2010 7:51 am

Good morning Monster enthusiasts. We have a new stage for your viewing pleasure.

As I mentioned last week I had a total hard drive crash and lost all of my old emails. I had a couple requests in there for division changes and the like that I don’t remember. If you had any email request in with me and you haven’t heard back please re-send your email. Anything like divisions changesĀ are not a big deal and worse case we can handle it on match day.

We have about 140 competitors as of this morning. Give all your procrastinating friends like me a reminder that Match Directors love folks to sign up as early as possible. Hint, hint. Thanks for keeping the word out there for the match. We hope to put on a good show for everybody.

TOMORROW IS THE LAST DAY FOR PRE-ORDER OF TEE SHIRTS, MUGS, AND MOUSE PADS. We’ll have a few extra available for purchase on match day but I’m not ordering a bunch extra so if you want one please register today or tomorrow to be sure and get your size. I will be placing the order this week for tee shirts.

I am leaving for the USPSA Nationals this Thursday and will have limited computer access for the duration of the nationals. I will still receive emails and will respond asap, but if I’m a day or two getting back to you you’ll know why. You can also reach Jim the Co-Match Director on the contacts page.

4 Weeks Out………. Are You Prepared?