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Lets Get This Started

  • September 28, 2012 12:49 pm

Quick vid from last year to get the juices flowing!

Wrapping it up

  • November 2, 2011 7:54 pm

Whew!! Finishing out another Monster Match. Huge thank you to all the shooters for supporting the match. Huge thanks to all the staff, RO’s, set up crews, art directors, and stats crew. This was my hair brained idea years ago but obviously I couldn’t get it done without all the help and support of my friends who do it for the sport just like I do.

Got some photos and video up on the media page.

Hopefully we’ll be able to do it again next year!!


Trophies should be going out in the mail the first of next week.

Couple Videos from Day One

  • October 29, 2011 10:29 pm

Day One Done

  • October 29, 2011 10:15 pm

Couple shots from day one.

Final Set Up

  • October 28, 2011 5:26 am

Here’s some pics of the stages after final set up on Thursday. See you all on the range!!

We still have room for walk ups on Sunday.

Set Up Party Weekend

  • October 25, 2011 5:31 pm

If you haven’t put on a major match you have no idea how much work goes into it. These folks have been working on some of their stages for a week at their houses then bringing them out to the range this weekend for set up. Still a bunch to do but the bulk of the heavy lifting was complete.

Huge thank you to Brad and Dave Johnson, Kristen, Charles and EB Kibert, Dan and Terrisa Bernard, Jordan, Mark Schneider, Don ‘the paint man’ McIntyre, Joe Homolash, Russel Mann, John ‘the digger’ Norwood, Jay Corn, Dave Jenkins, Terry Jensen, Jim Schoonmaker, Bruce Rosenthal, Jim Lemanski, Andy ‘the Mustache’ Martinez.

I sent the call out for help and these folks donated their free time, expertise (or lack there of), and equipment. Then slaved all day, two days for some, in the FL sun surrounded by mosquitos for your enjoyment. If you see these folks on the range this weekend you should tell them thanks. They gave up time with family or the couch and a football game so you could have fun. There is no way this match could happen without the help of folks like these.

Stages are coming together great!! They are gonna be cool!

Blast of Info Coming Soon

  • October 6, 2011 10:23 pm

The first of next week expect a bunch of info on the match here on Stages are being finalized, time schedule, and other info to be posted.

We still have room for plenty of folks in the match so please continue to spread the word.

Here is a little blast from the past….2007 Monster Match. Not hinting whats coming but you never know………..

Got ammo?

Official Match Logo Released

  • July 11, 2011 6:22 pm


  • October 31, 2010 10:45 pm

LIMITED                                  OPEN                               PRODUCTION

I hear from my stats department that there is an issue with USPSA uploading tonight and he can’t get the results up on their site. Number one, who cares our site is better anyway. Number two, they will get it resolved on Monday and get it squared away. In the mean time you can check them out here.

I have a bunch to say and even  a bunch more of people to thank but just rolled in to the crib from the match and am a bit smoked. I have a superfluous amount of video and pictures that I will work on tomorrow. For now I’m going to fix a rum and go to bed. Thanks all, watch the site this week.

Here is a little taste of things to come.

Lotsa info today

  • October 25, 2010 9:48 am

Wow!! What a weekend. I was in Frostproof Friday through Sunday building The Monster Match. I can’t thank the volunteers that gave up one or more of their weekend days to help enough. One of the reasons The Monster Match hasn’t been an annual event is the fact that it is a TON of work. Not that I really mind doing it, it’s kinda fun….but it is still a TON of work. That usually results in me swearing off doing another one for a couple years until I forget how much work it was. I decided to do it this year knowing my fall match schedule was crazy and I would have basically one week to put the whole Monster Match together. I asked my friends for help and they delivered big time.

Special thank you to: Rick / Bobby / Lou / Bing Bong / Brad / John / Jim / Sandro / Jason / Eric / Don / Dan / Terrisa / Sasha / Charles / Keith / Andy / Andy / Jim / James / Ronnie / Dave / Manny

I cannot stress enough that the match flat out would not happen if it weren’t for the help of these folks. When you see them please buy them a beer or coke or dinner or something. It is folks like this that make the sport possible. Thank you guys and gals!!! I sincerely appreciate your help.

If you are a serious stage analyzer you will notice that a few stages had some subtle changes to better reflect what is on the ground. Stages 3, 4, and 8. If you are the type to print them out to have on the range you will want to reprint those three.

You will also notice I chose not to publish the final stage this morning. I am providing a couple strong hints however. You have to see this on the ground…’s pretty cool. If you aren’t signed up we still have room on Sunday. 

Some other pictures from this weekend. Stages look great, special thanks to Art Director Terrisa!

Keep an eye on the website this week for match updates and information!!